This program aims to provide a deeper understanding of the Metaverse and offer you a glimpse of the emerging future of the Web and the way we will interact with it

Classes : 60                  Days : 6 months                  Duration : Weekdays / Weekends

Gartner predicts that 25% of people will spend an hour or more per day in the metaverse by 2026.

This live program is aimed at developers and manager who wish to become future ready and actively contribute to Metaverse by designing and building interactive simulations and experiences in AR, VR, and blockchain.
By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

- Understand the definition, core concepts, and fundamentals of Metaverse.
- Get to know the developer tools and software for Metaverse (Unreal Engine, Unity, Blender, etc.).
- Learn how to build 3D simulations and applications in AR and VR.
- Learn about the Metaverse technology in depth (Gaming, Web3, Blockchain, and NFTs).
- Get insights on the practical use cases, scenarios, and the future of Metaverse.

Who this course is for:

- Personnel engaged in IT industry
- Personnel engaged in the game industry
- Personnel engaged in hardware industry
- Metaverse enthusiasts
- AR/VR enthusiasts
- Blockchain enthusiasts
- NFT enthusiasts
- Anyone who is looking for future development opportunities
This is a future oriented intensive program meant for anybody :
- interested in new scientific and technological development directions such as Metaverse,VR/AR and NFT.
- who is a vivid programmer and is not afraid to get their hands dirty.

- Intro to Metaverse
- Underlying technologies of Metaverse
- Development status of Metaverse
- Applications of Metaverse
- The interplay between Web 3.0 and Blockchain
- Use of NFTs in Metaverse
- Industries using the Metaverse technology
- Leading Metaverse Projects
- Metaverse Games
- Metaverse Land Ownership- Property Investment
- MetFi: The Intersection of Metaverse and DeFi
- Metaverse and GameFi with Play-to-Earn games
- Future of the metaverse
- Risks of Metaverse


Fabulous NLP + ML course

I have eleven plus years of experience taking training courses. I do not usually complete surveys.
Your instructor was excellent, the best I've experienced on a software subject, and I couldn't imagine him doing a better job of seamlessly walking students through a breadth of information for such complex subject like AI and ML. he did a fabulous job pacing everything and addressing student questions. I am very impressed.


Excellent ML course!

The course was well structured and easy to understand. Good pace of learning.
The institute believes to provide knowledge as well as guidance in detail to each & every student.
I completed my ML course from the institute. Their international exp does help a lot !
Thanks for the training sir.

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