Voice Assistant

Voice Assistant


Inside the hype and reality of Alexa, Siri and the voice ...

Classes : 10                  Days : 1 month                  Duration : Weekdays / Weekends

The key here is voice. A voice assistant is a digital assistant that uses voice recognition, speech synthesis, and natural language processing (NLP) to provide a service through a particular application.

Many devices we use every day utilize voice assistants. They`re on our smartphones and inside smart speakers in our homes. Many mobile apps and operating systems use them. Additionally, certain technology in cars, as well as in retail, education, healthcare, and telecommunications environments, can be operated by voices.

Closely linked with NLP, IPA; this powers Google Now and Siri and other similar application in your daily life.

Voice assistants don`t really "understand" what you`re saying - they just listen for their wake word and then begin communicating with a server to complete a task. NLP is a form of artificial intelligence that helps technology interpret human language.

This training is best suited for IT, data management, and analytics professionals looking to gain expertise in AI and ML including: Software Developers and Architects, Analytics Professionals, Senior IT professionals, Testing and Mainframe Professionals, Data Management Professionals, Business Intelligence Professionals, Project Managers, Aspiring Data Scientists, Graduates looking to begin a career in Big Data Analytics and Data Science or AI
- You need to have intermediate to advanced Python experience. You are familiar with object-oriented programming. You can write nested for loops and can read and understand code written by others.

-Intermediate statistics background. You are familiar with probability.

-Intermediate knowledge of machine learning techniques. You can describe backpropagation, and have seen a few examples of neural network architecture (preferrably a recurrent neural network or a long short-term memory network).

-You have seen or worked with a deep learning framework like TensorFlow, Keras, or PyTorch before.

- Introduction and Try out

- Understand Voice Assistant`s and ecosystem

- Overview of Technology behind Voice Assistant`s

- Build your first VA

- Test your VA


Fabulous NLP + ML course

I have eleven plus years of experience taking training courses. I do not usually complete surveys.
Your instructor was excellent, the best I've experienced on a software subject, and I couldn't imagine him doing a better job of seamlessly walking students through a breadth of information for such complex subject like AI and ML. he did a fabulous job pacing everything and addressing student questions. I am very impressed.


Excellent ML course!

The course was well structured and easy to understand. Good pace of learning.
The institute believes to provide knowledge as well as guidance in detail to each & every student.
I completed my ML course from the institute. Their international exp does help a lot !
Thanks for the training sir.

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