You get to learn about the MATLAB technical computing environment, Data Analysis, Data Modelling, Visualizations, and Data Programming

Classes : 20                  Days : 2 months                  Duration : Weekdays / Weekends

For a decade, engineers and scientists have relied on MATLAB programming to propel the speed of their research and developing algorithms. What is so great about MATLAB that other languages lack? Is there greater future scope for MATLAB? Join today And find it out !

MATLAB stands for Matrix Laboratory. MATLAB Programming is one of the most important technical programming languages and skills today. In this course, we will start learning Matlab from a beginner level and slowly ease our way into more advanced topics and programs. Engineering companies often use MATLAB to prototype and validate their ideas before committing to building it with other programs like Java, Python, C, and C++. Knowing MATLAB will give you a competitive advantage in your career.

This course teaches you critical-thinking skills, debugging strategies, and programming style to ace your MATLAB computing. The highlight of the course is, it teaches MATLAB programming as well as MATLAB 2D, MATLAB 3D graphics, MATLAB 2D animations, MATLAB Simulink, and MATLAB algorithms. This course gives a step-by-step solution to have a wider understanding of not only MATLAB programming but also Simulink.

Experts from the field of Maths, Data Science and Management, each with over 25 years of International experience working in EU/USA/Australia

What you'll learn:
- Easily learn how to Code in MATLAB
- Gain Skills required for Job in MATLAB Programming
- Handle Engineering / Scientific Projects as per University or College Curriculum
- Formulate intermediate and some advanced engineering projects into MATLAB

Who this course is for:
- Entrepreneurs
- Teachers
- Researchers
- High School and College Students
- Engineers in technical fields
- Programmers
- Students

- Be familiar with Fundamental Programming Concepts or have studied Computer Science at school level
- Be familiar with Mathematical concepts like Calculus and Linear Algebra

Summary of Course Content:-

:- Install Matlab
:- An Introduction to Matlab Software
:- Introduction to Mathematics in Matlab
:- Working with Variables in Matlab environment
:- Trigonometric Functions in Matlab
:- Complex Numbers in Matlab
:- Working with Vectors in Matlab
:- Working with Matrices in Matlab
:- Introduction to Calculus and Engineering Functions in Matlab
:- Graphs and Plotting in Matlab
:- Loops, Conditions, and Intro to Programming in Matlab
:- Import Data from Excel to Matlab
:- Intermediate & Advanced Topics in Matlab
:- Data Types and Data Structures in Matlab
:- Working with Files in Matlab Environment
:- Matrices in Matlab (Intermediate Topics)
:- Scripts, Functions & M-Files in Matlab
:- Advanced Plotting Techniques in Matlab
:- Creating Functions and Workflows in Matlab
:- Logical Statements & Operations in Matlab


Fabulous NLP + ML course

I have eleven plus years of experience taking training courses. I do not usually complete surveys.
Your instructor was excellent, the best I've experienced on a software subject, and I couldn't imagine him doing a better job of seamlessly walking students through a breadth of information for such complex subject like AI and ML. he did a fabulous job pacing everything and addressing student questions. I am very impressed.


Excellent ML course!

The course was well structured and easy to understand. Good pace of learning.
The institute believes to provide knowledge as well as guidance in detail to each & every student.
I completed my ML course from the institute. Their international exp does help a lot !
Thanks for the training sir.

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